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Quality Promises

Quality Promise

Jolt Test

The bag is subjected to abrupt and forceful movements, simulating scenarios such as accidentally dropping the bag or it experiencing a sudden impact. The objective is to ensure that the backpack can endure unexpected shocks without structural damage or compromising its integrity. The jolt test is part of the overall testing procedures to guarantee that all our bags meet quality standards and can withstand the rigours of everyday use.

The Drop Test

Subjecting the bag to a robust strength assessment involves purposefully dropping it 10 times from all corners and sides onto the ground. This meticulous testing procedure is designed to evaluate the bag’s resilience and durability under real-world impact conditions.

The Zipper Test

The strength of zippers and pullers undergoes rigorous evaluation as a force is meticulously applied 25,000 times. This intensive testing process aims to ensure the resilience and durability of sliders and zippers under repeated stress, validating their capacity to withstand substantial wear and tear.

The Lock Test

Assessing the durability of the locks involves subjecting them to a rigorous “push and release” test, wherein the lock is operated continuously for 5000 cycles in one seamless sequence. This thorough evaluation ensures the sustained performance and robustness of the locking mechanism under repetitive usage conditions.